MyBioCheck® for iPad.
MyBioCheck® makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently collect, analyze and report real biometric data. It can also be combined with any of TRALE's Health Risk Assessment (HRA) products. MyBioCheck provides real-time combination of actual biometrics into your HRA.
TRALE Explorer™ Online HRA.
The TRALE Explorer™ Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) application allows round-the-clock access to health risk assessment surveys and helpful Web resources.
TRALE Backpack™ Paper HRA.
The TRALE Backpack™ Portable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) system is a standalone paper based tool designed to be used in settings such as health fairs, shopping centers, and pharmacies.
Adhoc Reporting.
TRALE’s Custom Query Analyzer add-on lets program administrators create custom reports from assessment data without having any database or programing skills.

MyBioCheck® now with MyBioFax™

Introducing MyBioFax™ a new feature in MyBioCheck® that allows a physicians report to be sent to an individual’s primary care physician (PCP) after a completed MyBioCheck® screening. The physicians report is sent via fax. Risk criteria can be set so that any screened individuals that meet that criteria will have their screening results faxed to their PCP.

WELCOA's Premier Provider Network

An Expert Interview with TRALE, Inc. In this exclusive Premier Provider Interview, you’ll find in-depth information about TRALE, Inc., a leading wellness vendor in the field of worksite health. TRALE specializes in building customized health risk assessment (HRA) tools. Their options include standalone or online tools that offer cutting-edge technology, comprehensive reporting and robust data mining capabilities. TRALE’s products are designed to help you improve the health of your employees and members—and reduce medical costs and claims at the same time. Instead of the “one-size-fits-all” HRA products that are common in the industry, TRALE provides both online portals and portable on-site HRA tools.