Struggling to keep your company’s health care costs in line?

A comprehensive worksite health promotion program may be the answer. These programs can provide a significant return on investment by

  • reducing health care and insurance costs
  • decreasing absenteeism
  • increasing productivity and performance
  • reducing illness and disability days
  • improving morale

But there’s a catch — you need to match the programs to your employees’ health problems.

That’s where TRALE comes in.

We offer a variety of health risk assessment (HRA) tools that will help you take the first step in implementing a health promotion program.

From logos to custom questions, our products can be customized to fit your needs. TRALE’s HRA solutions can be used on their own, or incorporated into your existing wellness program.

With TRALE, you can have healthier employees, and a healthier bottom line.

The Backpack is wonderful! I absolutely think if I accomplish nothing else during my reign as Healthworks Secretary, they (the department) will be forever grateful for this one change. The first couple of times we had to work out some minor “flow” issues. We now have used the Backpack several times and all associates, who were involved from the start of the health fairs to the finish, know what a timesaver the Backpack has become for the department.

A’Larra M. Cunningham
Healthworks Secretary