Q: What is a Health Risk Assessment?

A: A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is the process of quantifying the probability of a harmful effect to individuals or populations from certain human behaviors. An HRA is usually accomplished by asking individuals about their habits and activities, then compiling and analyzing the data using science-based algorithms and methodologies.

Q: What kinds of HRA tools does TRALE offer?

A: We offer several HRA tools to fit your needs, including both GINA and NCQA compliant version. Our Backpack Portable HRA is a standalone, pencil-and-paper-based system suitable for locations with no Internet access. The Explorer Online HRA allows individuals to use the Web to take the assessment any time of night or day.

Contact us for more information on these and other TRALE products.

Q: Can I put our company logo on TRALE’s HRA tools?

A: Yes, you can use your organization’s logo and colors on our product components, including the wellness reports, scorecards, and the online HRA application. In fact, over 80% of our clients use our products in a branded fashion.

Q: How do I know that the assessment data I upload to your data center is safe?

A: TRALE’s servers and data are situated in a secure facility in Daleville, Indiana. The facility features redundant power supplies, generator, fire suppression systems, in a climate controlled space and is monitored around the clock.

All of our servers are protected by a cutting-edge firewall and intrusion prevention system, with IPs invisible to the outside world in order to head off unauthorized access. Only TRALE’s engineers and administrators are allowed access to the facility.

Extensive encryption standards are enforced and used to store and transmit data. Data is stored on RAID 5 fully hot swappable file servers. The servers are backed up to digital tapes daily in addition to real-time “disk to disk” processes, with the encrypted tapes stored offsite in a secure facility.

For additional information regarding TRALE’s security policies and practices please contact salesdept(at)trale(dot)com.