TRALE Backpack Paper HRA

The TRALE Backpack™ Portable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) system is designed to provide rapid feedback on general health risks in settings such as community or company health fairs, shopping centers, and pharmacies. This standalone system includes a laptop computer preconfigured with Backpack software and a scanner for reading the scorecards.

The Scorecard

The scorecard features the most comprehensive set of questions available on the market. Areas covered include

  • Tobacco use
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Alcohol use
  • Vehicle safety
  • Stress and depression
  • Health history
  • Men’s or women’s health
  • Biometric measures (e.g. height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol)

The scorecard also includes questions on stages of readiness to change, which can help in targeting risk management or disease prevention measure to those most willing to change their behavior.

The Backpack Guide

Once the scorecard is scanned into the Backpack, individuals receive a Personal Wellness Report within minutes. This report, dubbed The Backpack Guide, is available in two versions:

Long Report

  • 9-20 pages long
  • contains individual’s overall wellness score and a comprehensive assessment of risk in a number of categories
  • identifies highest risk areas
  • describes steps that can be taken to reduce risks
  • includes personal goal diary

Short Report

  • 4 pages long
  • contains individual’s overall wellness score and summary assessment of risk in several categories
  • includes personal goal diary
  • ideal for use when assessing a large number of individuals, such as health fairs, shopping centers, etc.

Comparison reports can also be generated, showing an individual’s progress over a period of time.

Aggregate and Executive Summary Reports

Aggregate and Executive Summary Reports are also available with the TRALE Backpack system. The Executive Summary Report provides an overview of health risks in an assessed population, and focuses on the top five risk areas, while the Aggregate Summary Report contains the overall raw numbers and percentages.

Data Processing

Data gathered by the Backpack can be uploaded to TRALE’s data center and combined with data gathered via the online TRALE Explorer application. This aggregate data can then be accessed securely via the Internet in order to generate combined aggregate reports.


The TRALE Backpack can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any client, and multiple licenses are available.