TRALE offers a wide variety of customization features for all of our assessment and screening products.

The following is a summary of popular custom features.  There are many more available.  Please contact TRALE to discuss your specific requirements.

Custom Branding and Identity

Company logos, color schemes, CSS style sheets can be easily imported into TRALE’s HRA products, including the online Explorer tool, the Backpack’s paper-based scorecards, and the HRA reports. When online, users can enter the Explorer’s Wellness Portal seamlessly from their company’s intranet or Internet site.

MyBioCheck™ can also incorporate custom colors and logos.

Custom Questions

As many as 20 custom questions can be added to either the Backpack or Explorer HRA; the resulting reports will also include analysis of the questions. These client-specific questions can be placed at either the beginning or the end of the HRA question set. MyBioCheck™ has the ability to add unlimited custom questions.

Custom Aggregate Reports

HRA Aggregate Reports can be customized using groupings of data, such as Division, Office, Location, Job Category, or Health Plan. This allows health risks to be displayed and analyzed by category. Grouping data can be either be self-reported by participants, or can be pre-populated in the HRA, with the participant entering just a single identification number.

Control Participation

By pre-populating eligibility data, HRA participation can be controlled, thus ensuring the accuracy of the Groupings, and allowing participation to be restricted to certain employees.

Custom Links

The online HRA Wellness Portal can contain custom links to your company’s wellness programs, or to other health-related resources on the Web. The links can appear on more than one page, and can be changed every three months. Live links can also be included in the report PDFs.
Participant Tracking

Participation in your company’s HRA program can be tracked in several ways:

  • The HRA tool can automatically email an acknowledgement to the individual upon completion. This email can then be forwarded by the participant to whoever in the company is monitoring HRA participation.
  • The HRA tool can automatically email the acknowledgement directly to whoever in the company is monitoring HRA participation.
  • TRALE can provide you with a file containing participant names and/or identification numbers.
  • Or you can run your own participation reports through your own secure admin portal.