Whether you choose a standalone or online tool, you’ll get cutting-edge technology, comprehensive reporting, and robust data mining capabilities.

Our products will help you improve the health of your employees and members — and reduce medical costs and claims at the same time.

Instead of the “one-size-fits-all” HRA products that are common in the industry, we provide both online portals and portable on-site HRA tools.

We can import screening data from onsite screening events and also provide seem-less integration between existing wellness portals and our custom HRA products through our Single Sign On and Web Services modules.

We even take health risk assessment one step further by connecting participants to health coaching services, and allowing administrators to generate custom reports.

As a Pioneering Company in the Wellness Field for 28 years, we have had the opportunity to review nearly all Health Risk Assessments in the market. Because of its credibility as an assessment tool and numerous customization options, we have greatly enjoyed our partnership with TRALE. We, and our clients, appreciate their diligent support and constant innovation.

Brett Powell, Vice President
American Institute for Preventive Medicine

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